LAS VEGAS — Whirlpool is giving us a glimpse into its vision of the future. At the International CES, currently underway in Las Vegas, the appliance company showed off both connected appliances as well as concepts for what might be.

What caught our eye was this fridge that played music while it chilled the food and wine inside. Thanks to a speaker built inside the door, you can stream music via Bluetooth from your mobile device to the fridge. When we put a hand on the outside of the fridge, you could actually feel the vibration of the music.

If you have the kind of kitchen everyone hangs out in, the CoolVox could entertain you with music without the need for a speaker or music player cluttering up the kitchen counter. Much better for when you need space for chopping veggies.

The company is also showing a fireplace of the future as well as appliances with 6th Sense Live, which connects them to your smartphone.

Powerful yet fun DIY robotics for adults and children. This update moves the control/interactions to your favorite mobile devices.

Two people watching two different shows -- full screen -- on one TV while they sit next to each other sounds silly, but you can't help but be wowed by the innovative technology.

Who doesn't want to listen to music in the shower? Now you can get high-quality sound without worrying about water ruining the experience or your gadget.

It might take a while to gain momentum, but this is an innovative way to bring health care to those who don't have access nearby. It also makes quick visits to the doctor more convenient and less of a time suck.

No more speaker docks into the drawer of old tech when Apple updates a product. The IDAPT S2 speaker system has two docking options which can easily be swapped out and updated as your iPhone or Android phone evolves.

Our TVs are becoming more and more like our computers. I love that Samsung is helping you upgrade your television to stay current.

The demos of Qualcomm's new chip are mind-blowing. Can't wait to see this start appearing in consumer devices.

I love that IBitz gamifies physical activity. The ability for kids to "earn" texting/TV privileges through going outside and playing is genius.

Long gone are the days where USB flash drives were a few megabytes. The Kingston is the world's first 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive and it's as impressive as it sounds.

The FitBit is more than just a fitness tracker, now it watches you while you sleep -- well, sort of. The wearable wristband can now track you throughout the day and you can set fitness goals too.

By placing your mobile device on top of this speaker, it magically amplifies sound with great quality. Plus, it looks so neat and cozy resting on top of its new home.

The new 6.1 inch-Ascend Mate is large and in charge -- the largest we've seen, in fact. Too large? Maybe. But it's easy to hold and makes you forget just how jumbo it is.

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